Against US imperialism and for the unity of Korea

The speech of the representative for the People’s Democracy Party of South Korea.

Against US imperialism and for the unity of Korea

Marking the 200th anniversary of the birth this year, Karl Marx who is a leader of international working class provided working people and working masses in the world with the powerful weapons for their freedom and liberation by creating great Marxism.

Marx examined critically the most advanced ideas mankind had achieved and provided dialectic, historical materialism, theory of surplus value, and scientific socialism as analysing on the basis of contradiction in capitalist society. For Marxism, mankind could foresee scientifically a new social system in the center of masses of people including working class to eradicate all kinds of oppression and exploitation.

The root of truth transcended Marxism time, Marx take part in revolutionary struggle in person and generalize of practical experience as ideological and theoretical paving the road ahead, lie in the dialectic of practice and theory. Lenin living in the time of monopoly capitalism studied deeply and developed creatively Marxism and found the theory of uneven development capitalism, theory of the “weakest link”, theory of socialism in one country and he created the first state of proletarian dictatorship in history by leading the October Socialist Revolution to victory.

Although the Soviet Union was destroyed, it's not a failure of socialism taking the Marxism as its guiding idea but it's the only meaning bankruptcy of opportunism by doctrinaire depression and revisionist degeneration. Revolutionary forces of the worker class in South Korea succeed to the revolutionary essence and apply it creatively to meet the needs of the times. The working people including the worker class in South Korea carry out the role of locomotive in revolution in order to build a society where the people is the master of national sovereignty and means of production. Furthermore, the revolutionary forces are very active in internationalist unity and internationalist solidarity for contributing to world revolution with the banner of noble proletarian internationalism high.

The whole crisis of the capitalism system under system of contemporary imperialism as a peak of the US imperialism and a growing gap between the rich and the poor in the global scale encourage the worker class and working people who have been suffered by double and triple severe exploitation in decisive struggle to determine their own destiny. Imperialist forces whose essential character is aggression and plunder make world with a state of war all the time and they are strengthening the fascism tendency and intensifying international tension state.

Especially, US imperialism tries to maintain the colonial rule on South Korea for the purpose and strengthens the scheme of isolation and squeezing against North Korea to block a peace and reunification on Korea and US imperialism shows unchanged position before Singapore talks including resuming halted war exercise against North Korea.

Therefore, A strategic importance of struggle that is building a society in South Korea, performing as an outpost in Northeast Asia for the US imperialism's world rule strategy, to stop war and realize peace and to build the society where there is no oppression and exploitation is increasing day by day. We confident that to establish the internationalist anti-imperialism and anti-US joint front for a true liberation of worker class and for the whole world peace and to advance anti-imperialism and anti-US joint action are historical mission to Marxist of our time.

We confirm every moment as following the slogan that Marxism surly will win on the ground of that science and truth. Workers of the world, unite!

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La città futura

“Sono partigiano, vivo, sento nelle coscienze della mia parte già pulsare l’attività della città futura che la mia parte sta costruendo. E in essa la catena sociale non pesa su pochi, in essa ogni cosa che succede non è dovuta al caso, alla fatalità, ma è intelligente opera dei cittadini. Non c’è in essa nessuno che stia alla finestra a guardare mentre i pochi si sacrificano, si svenano. Vivo, sono partigiano. Perciò odio chi non parteggia, odio gli indifferenti.”

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